Jet Set Sourcing.

World-Class Sourcing Agent Since 2006

Jet Set is a full-service international representative, distributor, and sourcing agent of products, equipment & supplies. Jet Set Sourcing services all international markets, and is headquartered in New York City, and has satellite offices in Bolivia and Pakistan. Jet handles the design, supply, export, import, marketing, delivery, invoicing, training, and after-sales service for its wholesalers, distributors, and resellers that it represents.

Why work with Jet Set Sourcing?

Dealers, Distributors, & wholesalers

Jet Set is committed to streamlining your operations and boosting your market presence. Our Global Shipping and Documentation Services ensure your products move seamlessly worldwide, with all logistics and paperwork efficiently handled.

Our Warehousing & Storage solutions are designed for quick product access and optimized supply chains, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs. We also elevate your products with compelling Photography & Marketing Materials and distinctive Custom Packaging services, ensuring they capture attention and foster memorable customer experiences.

Additionally, our cost-effective Amazon FBA Labeling service streamlines your process with essential labels at a lower cost.

At Jet Set, we focus on building long-term partnerships, offering tailored, comprehensive services to help you thrive in competitive markets. Your success is our mission.


At Jet Set, we offer a cost-effective route to global markets, enhancing your sales through our established distribution network. Our experienced Sales Managers specialize in various regions, understanding local customs and regulations to effectively market your products. They maintain robust customer relationships, uncovering new opportunities and providing insights.

We ensure prompt product availability with strategic warehouses worldwide and coordinate international trade shows to showcase your offerings. Partnering with us means comprehensive support in navigating international sales, from marketing and distribution to customer relations, allowing you to focus on innovation and quality. Join us to expand your reach and elevate your sales in the global marketplace.

Clarifying our culture

Our Values

We are working to build the best possible version of Jet Set Sourcing 20 years from now. These Mindsets are tools we are using to build it, together.

We act with urgency

Prioritizing prompt action, we ensure swift decision-making in all tasks for immediate progress.

We pursue options in parallel

Simultaneously exploring multiple solutions, we seek the best outcomes in an efficient, parallel approach.

We obsess over learning

Dedicated to continuous improvement, we relentlessly seek knowledge, skills, and personal growth every day.

We pivot fearlessly

Embracing change boldly, we adapt quickly and efficiently, transforming challenges into opportunities fearlessly.

We behave like owners

Taking full responsibility, we work with dedication and pride, treating the company's success as our own.