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Through its relationships with our manufacturers and the support of its international network, Jet Set handles the design, supply, marketing, export, import, delivery, invoicing, training and after-sales service for its product lines. Additionally, Jet Set has the ability to warehouse our product lines anywhere in the world.

Custom Product Design & Samples

Jet Set specializes in custom product design, offering personalized solutions from concept to creation. Our service encompasses design, prototype samples, and final product realization, ensuring unique and market-ready products tailored to client specifications. This is for companies seeking custom dimensions or innovative product designs.

Factory & Supplier Audit Services

Jet Set conducts detailed factory and supplier audits, assessing manufacturing processes, labor standards, quality control, and business practices. This crucial service ensures suppliers meet high standards, maintaining product quality and ethical sourcing, essential for reliable supply chain management.

Photography & Marketing Materials

We provide sales and marketing tools for resellers, distributors, and retailers to enhance their ability to effectively reach out to end customers with compelling and persuasive marketing content. This includes product photography, video, & brochures.

1-by-1 Product Inspection Services

Jet Set offers individual product inspections, ensuring each item strictly adheres to quality standards. This service involves detailed checks of every product, guaranteeing quality and compliance, essential for maintaining excellence and customer satisfaction in competitive markets.

Global Shipping & Documentation Services

Jet Set provides comprehensive global shipping and documentation services, ensuring seamless and efficient transportation of products worldwide. This service includes handling all logistics, customs clearance, and necessary paperwork, making international trade hassle-free. Through our partners and network, we guarantee timely delivery and compliance with international shipping regulations.

Warehousing & Storage

Jet Set provides extensive warehousing and storage solutions, enabling efficient inventory management. Our services include secure storage, effective handling, and strategic location benefits, ensuring quick accessibility for distribution. Ideal for businesses aiming to optimize supply chain efficiency and minimize costs while ensuring product availability in key markets.

After-Sales Customer and Vendor Support

Jet Set offers comprehensive after-sales support, backed by longstanding manufacturer relationships. This includes a global warranty, ensuring ongoing access to service and parts. Ideal for businesses needing reliable post-purchase support, this service guarantees continuous product performance and customer satisfaction, reinforcing trust and loyalty in the brand. It’s crucial for companies prioritizing long-term client relationships and product reliability in diverse markets.

Custom Packaging & Labeling

Jet Set offers bespoke packaging design and production, ensuring your products stand out with unique branding and superior protection. From material selection to eco-friendly options, our service enhances your brand’s presence and aligns with sustainability goals, creating a memorable unboxing experience for customers. This comprehensive approach is essential for businesses aiming to make a lasting impression in competitive markets. We also will label packages according to Amazon FBA and other requirements.

Private Labeling

Jet Set Sourcing offers an extensive private labeling service that enables you to launch products under your brand seamlessly. Our process covers everything from bespoke design to manufacturing, ensuring each item reflects your brand’s ethos while meeting global quality standards. Enhance your portfolio with uniquely branded goods, designed to captivate your target market and set you apart in the competitive landscape.

Excellence in Global Sourcing

Jet Set Sourcing is your gateway to global manufacturing excellence. From the bustling markets to the world stage, we streamline your sourcing and logistics with unparalleled precision. Our custom solutions span design to delivery, ensuring your products meet the highest standards of innovation and quality.


Deep knowledge in international trade, ensuring seamless sourcing solutions.


Unwavering commitment to excellence in global manufacturing and sourcing.


Worldwide network, local expertise. Your global manufacturing and sourcing solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a sourcing agent mitigates the risks of international manufacturing and simplifies global logistics. A sourcing agent offers on-ground presence, navigates language and cultural nuances, and operates across time zones to streamline processes. They ensure quality control, manage production issues directly, and handle complex shipping documentation, acting in your best interest throughout the production cycle.

Share your requirements and artwork. This includes as many details as possible regarding specifications, packaging, and quantities. You can also share pictures of products you’d like to customise or private label. We’ll do the rest for you.

Our fee varies on the services required, logistical complexity, packaging
& warehousing requirements. We handle everything – from finding suitable suppliers, managing tooling, organizing samples, setting up production, quality control, and shipping. All of this is included in our quoted price. Over and above that, you pay for the products you order and the tooling you own. That’s it.

Absolutely. Many top-tier products, including sophisticated medical equipment, electronics and automobiles, are manufactured overseas with adherence to stringent quality standards. The key is selecting the right manufacturers; while some boast international certifications and extensive experience, others may be less established. Our expertise ensures partnership with manufacturers who meet and exceed western quality benchmarks.

For areas within our expertise, identification can be immediate, leveraging our extensive network. For new categories, we commit to a comprehensive 30-day period to source and vet a manufacturer meeting your exacting standards.

Payments are typically structured with a 30% deposit before production and the remaining 70% prior to shipment. Utilizing a reputable sourcing agent to manage transactions adds a layer of security and reliability to the payment process.

Ideally, share pictures of the product along with material specifications and estimated quantities will be very helpful. The more we know about your product (critical dimensions, special requirements, knowledge issues and so on) the more accurate the quote will be.

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